Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Zad Jabbour: Byzantine Icon Writer (Painter)

Zad is a Lebanese man who is an extremely talented fine artist. He has painted many murals and ceilings in palaces in the United Arab Emirates, he has also exhibited his works in France and Lebanon.

Zad is now in New Zealand offering his services in teaching art. His speciality is teaching Byzantine icon drawing – the traditional way, no artificial pigments or materials.

Most of his fine art is of landscapes and portraits, he also has a number of sculptured works.

Check out his website: or his blog.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Outfit Theatre Company

The Outfit Theatre Company Presents the Preview Season of "The K Road Show - A Theatre of Fictional Glimpses into the History of the Road we Love."

With 13 actors in 8 scenes streaching from the 1830's through to the present day, The K Road Show is a funny and heart felt imagining of events inspired by the history, of what we feel is, the true heart of Auckland City.

Devised and Performed by The Outfit Theatre Company and friends.

This is the Outfit's premier performance and stars (in order of appearance) Joel Herbert, Andrew Ford, Daniel Coppersmith, Devlin Bishop, Nicole Jorgensen, Edward Clendon, Chris Tempest, Johnny Bright, Jacqui Nauman, Sarah Graham, Ema Barton, Mathew Norton, Jatinda Singh.


Thursday 18th - Sunday 21st, 8pm

Tickets: $10 on the door(cash only)

At THE CROSS ST STUDIOS, 27 Cross St, Newton, Auckland.

Bookings: Email all details to

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Marcus Winter

Marcus Winter is a new age spray can and performance artist. While watching a travelling artist from Europe, he taught himself this street art form, he has also developed ink sketches using a 'secret' South American ingredient. For the past three years he has performed in front of various crowds here in New Zealand and in Australia.

His most recent 'performance art' was at Auckland, on the invitation of Sir Bob Geldof (Live Aid), who recently came to New Zealand encouraging New Zealanders to do better with their philanthropy. Further news on this here.

Marcus has been able to adapt both “can” and “culture” in his works. The aim of his artwork is to take the viewer through to another world where anything is possible, where the eye can relax and enjoy.

Marcus has exhibited in galleries throughout Auckland and his artworks have found homes in New Zealand, Australia and the USA.

You can contact Marcus at

Monday, December 1, 2008

Alyssa Kath: Video Split, Camera Operator, Film Treatments

Multimedia production company onedotzero and MTV announced an on-air launch of ten films commissioned as part of their “Bloom” competition, a worldwide search for up-and-coming creative talent working in film, animation and other mediums. Creative people around the world were invited to send in treatments for one-minute-long films that explore community identity in their hometowns.

Organisers received 200 entries from 30 countries and the judging panel selected 10 winning projects and five runners-up based on innovation, style, technical skill and creative interpretation of the Bloom brief. The winning treatments were commissioned in 2007, and the artists were given budgets to create and develop their films reflecting on their community. The final pieces were delivered in January, 2008.

The minute-long films will be given exposure on MTV’s channels globally and online. All ten winners will be available to view online at, and will also be featured in the onedotzero worldwide festival tour.

Winning entries [in no particular order]
1. Quayola - Rome (Rome, Italy)
2. Lulu Li - Beijing Dance (Beijing, China)
3. Ayala Sharot - Foreigners (London, U.k.)
4. Matt Bullock - Cityfix (Sheffield, U.K.)
5. Igor Knezevic - Proxies (Los Angeles, U.S.)
6. The Holograms - Morfism (France)
7. Przemyslaw Adamski / Katarzyna Kijek - Untitled (Warsaw, Poland)
8. Ryan Louie - Untitled (New York, U.S.)
9. Marieke Verbiesen - Nordic Folk Legends (Bergen, Norway)
10. Neil Grundy and Alyssa Kath - Lone Kauri Road (Auckland, New Zealand)

Runners-up: (in no particular order)
1. Benjamin Olszyna - Marzys: London 2012 Olympics (London, U.K.)
2. Roel de Jonge - The Bling of Rodell (Netherlands)
3. Darren Bendall - Untitled (Tokyo, Japan)
4. Brede Korso - The Soul of England (London, U.K.)
5. Matei Alexandru Mocanu - Untitled (Bucherest, Romania)


More works from Alyssa's portfolio: