Friday, January 30, 2009

Cindy Hanara

Cindy was also a successful programme attendee on our artist mentoring programme for fashion designers.

Here is a glimpse of her portfolio:

If you wish to contact Cindy please contact me on my

Grace Baker: Fashion Designer

We had the pleasure of Grace Baker on our artist mentoring programme. She was on our artist mentoring programme for about 12 weeks putting her heart and soul into it. Here is one of the mood boards she designed, which she also uses as canvas art; and her brand logo.

If you wish to contact Grace please go to

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Rhonda Andrews: Salsa Oasis Studio

We have recently approved gorgeous Rhonda Andrew's application for funding for her Salsa Oasis Studio. Here she will be teaching Samba, Salsa and other Latin American dancing moves. She is also able to teach Portuguese and Spanish lessons, if you also desire.

Here is the lovely lady herself below next to her studio:

Rhonda also likes writing poetry and this is her special poem:

Love is my freedom
Work is my play
Creativity is my passion
Art is my expression
Joy is my emotion
Soul is my boundary
Family is my culture
Inspiration is my guide
Being is my vision
Belief is my future
Everyday is my experience
Life is my journey

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Simon Vine: Artist Invitation to You!

Simon Vine completed our artist mentoring programme about two years ago, since then he has been making steady progress in his career as an artist. He is currently attending Whitecliffe Art School and invites people to come and see his exhibition (along with five other up and coming artist). Well done Simon!

Carl Larsen: Furniture Designer

Carl has been creating his Professional Development Plan with us as a furniture designer. He is a Unitec graduate from the Bachelor of Design degree where he majored in furniture design.

Check out his website:

And there is just one example of his work: