Wednesday, February 4, 2015

SoftFern Ltd - video and photo editing service

Sergei Bondarenko is from the Ukraine and living now in NZ; Sergei owns and operates SoftFern Ltd. View his site here: and also: UC3Tzv2ynzZ9z7lPtN4Z7R_A and https://www pages/SoftFerncom/ 443577829119792 Here is some of Sergei's work.

He provides the following services for individual clients:
  1. Professional video clips, DVDs, CDs, slide shows created from existing photos and videos for personal usage.
  2. Memorable events – weddings, child photos, photos taken during tourist tours, etc.
  3. Improvement of existing(old)photos:retouching, upscaling, etc.
  4. Printed photo albums from your oldphotos/digital photos.
  5. Online photo albums which can be shared with friends.
  6. Conversion of old photos to digital pictures.
He provides the following services for businesses:
  1. Design of business DVDs with video clips for small and medium businesses to promote their products and services.
  2. Graphic services–creating brochures, flyers, logos, banners, Flash movies and clips for small and medium businesses.
  3. Custom advertising clips.
  4. Photography–quality photos of company's products.
  5. Stock images for sale.
  6. Online advertising for small and medium businesses (email newsletters, YouTube and various social