Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Plum Green: Singer, Songwriter and Musician

Plum is a young woman with a bright future ahead of her in music. She plays jazz, folk rock, melodramatic, Gothic, and indie pop.

Petit Cheval Burlesque will be presenting Plum Green's music video release this coming March 14th 7.30 p.m. at Cassette No. 9, Vulcan Lane, Auckland CBD.

Born in London with a Russian bloodline, the daughter of a Jazz singing Parisian show girl and a saxophone playing Jewish intellectual, she was exposed to an array of music genres growing up including Jazz, Blues, Punk Rock and Folk. Miss Plum is a sultry songstress who has displayed her musical talents amongst such musicians as Battle Circus, These Four Walls, Nemamo Ime and Decortica. Plum Green writes all of her own music & her self titled Plum Green EP release is soulful and haunting.

With support from Amy Richardson-Impy (Miss Pole NZ/Petit Cheval Burlesque), Mitchell Pitch (The SEXY RECESSION Show) & Holly Day (Petit Cheval Burlesque/The SEXY RECESSION Show) prepare yourself for an evening of song, aerial artistry and tease.

Expect to be drawn into a world of absinthe tinted illusion and grandeur.

You can check her out at her upcoming show.


and more of her can be found on her Myspace account:


Thursday, February 18, 2010

Rick Sweden: Illustrator and Designer

Rick is a very talented young man. He is a freelance illustrator and can provide the following services:

  • illustration
  • design
  • storyboards
  • perspex comic art (almost like toy theatre in comic form)
  • caricatures

If you wish to contact Rick, please view his website underneath which has his portfolio and contact details. He'd love to hear from you.