Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Bowater Marketing provides professional and affordable marketing services through contracting and consulting.  They work with businesses that require support with marketing projects and help them achieve their marketing goals.  They also offer tailored marketing support for small business.  
Contact Stephen today on 0800 783 801 to see how he can assist you achieve your marketing goals and get results. 


Friday, October 23, 2009

Jonathon Brugh: Actor in Birds of Paradise

Jonathan is one half of the critically acclaimed, award winning tragic-comic duo Sugar & Spice.

He is an experienced performer both on TV (Shortland Street and The Jackie Brown Diaries) and stage (Sugar & Spice).

Jonathon is currently working as a photographer/designer, fitness instructor, and continues to appear on TV.

Make sure you check out Jonathan this weekend appearing in Birds of Paradise burlesque show.

Birds of Paradise is an opulent and flamboyant Cabaret Burlesque Comedy, exploring the rituals of courtship and the attention-seeking performances of some of our most bizarre and alluring feathered friends. Birds of Paradise promises to be a uniquely spectacular event, weaving together dance, music, drama and comedy.

Fri 16 & Sat 17 Oct - Leigh Sawmill Café
Sat 24 & Sun 25 Oct - Ascension Vineyard, Matakana.
Both venues open at 6pm for a special feathery feast and drinks
9pm is show-time, DJ and Catlin Smith at Sawmill only


Sunday, October 18, 2009

Kane Bennett

Gigs coming up for Sonic Altar:

31 Oct 2009
8:00 p
16 Nov 2009
8:00 p
28 Nov 2009
12:00 p
Paddock 09
Whangarei, Northland

Check out Kane's singing, and excuse the superlatives, but this man has it .... stage presence, voice ... an amazing voice!

And here are the lads.

You can listen to him on YouTube:


Great guys.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Temor Bakhshi: Filmmaker

Here's Temor an up and coming film maker (some great films he has on the boil). Temor has come from Afghanistan, but this day he was mistaken by an Italian woman wanting to talk to him in Italian. I guess it's the beret (or is that French?).

Have a sneek look at one of his upcoming films: Winter Stories:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1_qPl-M8_b8  usa.errachidia.org/video-Temor Bakhshi-1-1_qPl-M8_b8.html

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Good News Stories

I am now getting my clients to complete an evaluation of my mentoring/counselling service should they stay with me for the full eight weeks intensive; and as we want this programme to be a positive experience, here are some good news/success stories;

"The level of mentoring was perfect. … When I first started with PACE I had many creative endeavours: audio engineer, radio host, session keyboardist and singer/songwriter projects. PACE narrowed my efforts to help me focus on the more commercial projects that could lead to a great career. Now I am working towards my solo album with Stone Winner Records." – Ralphe Engle
(Since this evaluation Ralphe has produced his first solo album, congratulations!).

"Enjoying personal interaction with Paula and David and learning how to go about working out and researching my potential career aspects ... the art journalling – I have really enjoyed creating images and colour again!!." – Anna (former model).

"Extremely helpful, the pressure or push is appropriate … I have met some lovely people who are able to help the networking process." – Brenda (screen writer).

"The staff were very helpful and understanding. … I have found my artistic development/productivity has increased and significantly helped me to work through personal barriers." – Lyall (Artist).

"I have been offered a job teaching/mentoring at a school and am also close to being able to work for a jingle writing company. We have a tour in Australia in November and are recording our second record there also. Being nominated for two VNZMA's was also an honour (Best Album and Best Rock Album)" – Philip (Cut Off Your Hands).

"The process that we used was perfect at this point in the journey. I "heart" You! This process has been awesome, thank you so much" – Leighton (actor).

"Paula's enthusiasm and willingness to make links between clients. … Paula is marvelous – I feel she pitched her 'push' right for me. A mix of coach and counsel based on individual needs." – Callum (MC, Cheval Petit Burlesque).

"Taking a personal and sensitive approach to every client's needs. Thinking outside the box. … Flexibility." – Sophy (make up artist).

"It was very straight forward and easy to understand, no complications. … I cannot wait to move to the USA to start my new career and make a lot of $$$." – Keith (music tutor).

"I enjoyed the one on one, conversation style … I found it really helpful and empowering. The help in building my business, starting a website … staff were fantastic! Very supportive, helpful, knowledgeable and enthusiastic. … I found any subject I brought up was investigated and dealt with professionally and enthusiastically, … I feel incredibly lucky to have been given a motivating, knowledgable and generous mentor/coach. I have gained a huge amount of confidence and focus, which has led to other positive changes in my life, and am again passionate and excited about my future career in makeup artistry." – Holly (makeup artist/stylist).

"The sense of urgeny/immediacy implied by the weekly deadlines … from imagination to tangible. … what worked? being allowed responsibility as a choice, non imposing direction and advice. … Being on the course, I have exhibited in Auckland and Melbourne, completed the editing for an issue of a magazine, commissions, etc. I feel empowered to take control and make conscious movements towards my end goals." –Erin (Artist/Curator).

"Perfect. A fine balance of coaching and counselling." – Guy (illustrator/artist).

"I have increased my students, my gigs and have a long-term theatre show "Punchkin" to work on all during the course. Thank you for your support!" – David (musician).

"I wouldn't change anything … maybe there could be a three monthly get together for other PACE participants to meet up for a social drink. … PACE has helped me focus on any creative goals as well as integrating it into my lifestyle. It has been a highly positive, eye opening experience and now I can pursue my goals independently and with insight." – Morgan (Artist/singer).

Thanks for your feedback guys, you are so WORTH it!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Mark Taylor: Writer

Mark is a freelance writer working for M2 magazine.

Below is just some snippets of his writing style:

Find Your Passion
Life will feel like a struggle unless you pursue what you really enjoy. If you really want to give yourself the best chance of success, you need to isolate that which you enjoy in life and go after it with relentless gusto. "Doing what you love is the cornerstone of having abundance in your life?" (Dr. Wayne Dyer). If you pursue what you love, success will follow. In order to find your true passion, you will probably need to ask yourself some questions. Motivational expert, Frederic Premji, has compiled a list of seven questions to help you find your passion:

What makes you smile?
What would you do for free?
What makes you unafraid of failure?
What do you find easy?
What sparks your creativity?
What do you like to talk about?
What would you regret hot having tried?

Successful people didn't become successful through persisting in doing something they hated. They pursued what they enjoyed and you need to do that too.

Start Telling People What You Are Really Thinking/Feeling
There are a multitude of reasons why people don't speak the truth but they all originate from the one place: the ego. Your ego is solely concerned with your image, how others perceive you. By practising truthfulness, you will slowly begin to feel you are less concerned with what other people think of you. This will free you to engage in all those things you avoid because of fear of negative reactions from others, like taking ballet classes or running naked through your workplace. Dr Abraham Kryger from Monterey Preventive Medical Clinic in California lists many benefits of telling the truth. These include: an increased sense of grounding/confidence, greater success/personal expertise, increased ability to influence others and good humour. Remember, whenever you lie to someone, you are also lying to yourself. Lying is ultimately a cowardly exercise and no one likes a coward. Think of The Wizard of Oz, nobody liked that cowardly lion. If you find yourself not telling the truth, it's not too late to start being truthful. People will respect your willingness to change. "Always tell the truth. This will gratify some people and astonish the rest." (Mark Twain, author/humorist).

Great words and advice Mark.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Cut Off Your Hands : Ouch!

For those who enjoy Cut Off Your Hands here is their up and coming gig guide, just arrived in my hot email hands. Seems like a few trips to Oz are in order. And all the best guys for Vodafone NZ Music Awards, too.

24 Oct 2009
11:00 a
The Millton Vineyard
Gisborne, Gisborne
31 Oct 2009
8:00 p
Capitol w/ Midnight Juggernauts
5 Nov 2009
8:00 p
Cambridge Hotel w/ Midnight Juggernauts
6 Nov 2009
8:00 p
The Metro w/ Midnight Juggernauts
7 Nov 2009
8:00 p
Waves w/ Midnight Juggernauts
13 Nov 2009
8:00 p
Billboard w/ Midnight Juggernauts
14 Nov 2009
8:00 p
Pier Live w/ Midnight Juggernauts
20 Nov 2009
8:00 p
Hi Fi w/ Midnight Juggernauts
21 Nov 2009
8:00 p
Trackside Festival
27 Nov 2009
8:00 p
The Gov w/ Midnight Juggernauts
28 Nov 2009
8:00 p
That Festival – Cabarita Beach

Also TOMORROW night:  www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=144592953916&index=1

Start Time:
Thursday, October 8, 2009 at 9:00pm
End Time:
Friday, October 9, 2009 at 4:00am
Cassette Nine
9 Vulcan Lane

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

David Ward: Composer and Performer

As a performer and composer I have worked in many different musical settings: jazz, blues, bluegrass, improvised music, Indian classical, Serbian gypsy music, and original projects. I play acoustic, electric and cigarbox slide guitar and 4, 5 & 8 string banjos. I have composed and performed for such theatre shows as Krishnan's Dairy, The Candlestickmaker and The Arrival

Key skills:
  • I play acoustic, electric and slide guitar and 4, 5 & 8 string banjos. 
  • I compose, arrange and musicially direct music for theatre.
Since Graduating in 2001 from the Wellington Conservatorium of Music with a BMus in Jazz Performance, he has performed with such musicians as: Chris O’Conner, John Bell, Lucien Johnson, Roger Sellers, Tom Callwood, Paul Dyne, Blair Latham, Papon (Angaraag Mahanta), Vaishali Samant,
Isaac Smith, Ian Downer, Nick Van Dyke, Misha Marks, Julien Taylor, Blair Latham, Ben Wood, Darren Mathiassen, Patrick Bleakley, Hannah Griffin, Rosie Langabeer, Viraj Salvi and Jonny Marks.
A few groups he has been part of are: Onomatopoeia, Niko Nezna, Interplay Trio, The Black Cats, Super Sausage, The Night Dreamers, Zirkus Big Band, The Broadsides and New Pacific Music Ensemble.
Since 2004 he has worked with Indian Ink Theatre Company, performing in NZ, Australia, Singapore and Germany for the critically acclaimed theatre shows Krishan’s Dairy and The Candlestickmaker:
“Integral to the quickening and mellowing of the Candlestickmaker’s pace is David Ward’s excellent music. His measured strings evoke the heat of Kerala and the drops of sweat clinging to the backs of Rohan and Sunil. At the same time, each slow twang of his guitar resonates with an inescapable loneliness” TODAY (Singapore)
In 2008 David composed, performed and musically directed their latest work –
The Dentist’s Chair, commissioned for the Wellington International Arts Festival:
“Marvellously gritty songs” – DOMINION POST
“Splendidly creepy songs” – THE LISTENER
“Haunting” “Excellent in both conception and execution” - THEATREVIEW
For The Dentist’s Chair he was nominated alongside Gareth Farr and Jonathan Crayford for “Most Outstanding Composer” in the 2008 Annual Chapman Tripp Theatre Awards
In 2009 David collaborated with Andrew McMillan, Chris O’Connor and John Bell on the “World Class” soundtrack for Red Leap Theatre’s production of The Arrival which premiered in the 2009 Auckland International Arts Festival.
He is currently performing with Canadian born alt-country singer
Tami Neilson, winner of the 2009 NZ Music Awards Tui for
Best Country Album


Monday, October 5, 2009

The Outfit Theatre Party Time!! Fundraiser

The Outfit Theatre Company are having a party!

Ah yes, ‘theatre’ – You love to watch it and we love to produce it, it’s pretty much a win win!

Unfortunately, producing theatre isn’t cheap. In fact, it’s downright expensive!
Sure, we could sell our bodies on the street again and probably make like a bazillion dollars, but let’s face it – we just can’t take much more.
It’s time for something new… something fresh… something like…
An awesome cool fundraiser party!

Let us treat you to an amazing evening of entertainment, while we politely beg for your money. What could be more fun?!

There’ll be live music, comedy ha ha, fantastic gourmet nibbles and a charming little raffle, with prizes that include, an Official Outfit Theatre T-Shirt, a unique Outfit Theatre Co.Singing Birthday Card and a VIP Season Pass to The Outfit Theatre's entire 2010 season!

Main musical acts include:
Ema Barton
Jonathan Chambers
And many other up and coming musicians / live bands that will sing us into the night.

So, please come on down, have a drink and show your support for New Zealand theatre. Unlike those charities on TV, every cent of your contribution will go directly toward helping nurture and sustain our fledgling young theatre company. How cool is that?!

WHEN: Wednesday October 7th
7:30 onwards
Music Starts @ 8pm

WHERE: Osborne Street
(New bar in Newmarket behind Rialto

COST: $10 per person or
$15 for two.

PARKING: Free parking after 6pm in the area
or Rialto carpark in Kent Street around
the corner


Devlin Bishop
The Outfit Theatre Company.
021 0582471

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Cassette Nine Artist Network Programme: See Saw

Erin Forsyth (http://thewire.co.nz/author/erin-leah/
is managing Cassette No. 9's artist network programme "See Saw" - a monthly art installation.

Each month a different local artist is invited to present their work as an exhibition for an evening within Cassette's bar area and as an integrated art installation in the entranceway where it will then be displayed for the duration of the month.

The installation is integrated by the artworks direct application to the space as either a mural by painting directly onto the wall or as a poster having selected work reproduced as large-scale paste ups installed by Profile Plus.

Artists are also offered the option of incorporating mixed media through Cassette's existing entertainment facilities on the opening night from the period of 6 - 9 p.m. in the form of projection and the epic sound system.

See Saw is Auckland's newest artist network programme offering artists a platform to reach new audiences provided by Cassette's diverse and cultured clientele.

By installing the artwork in this manner See Saw hopes to pay tribute to a stable of talented artists, to provide a unique experience for the audience and to provoke interest in the thriving visual concepts coming out of our young local arts community.

Cassette Nine, Vulcan Lane, Auckland CBD.

About  Cassette 9…

Since it’s opening in December 2008 Cassette Nine has established
itself as a venue that caters to a vast variety of people and their social needs.  Since day one, always endeavouring to provide the  highest standard of entertainment and facilitating the cultural requirements of those looking for something over and above what the standard Auckland venue will provide.  Even within an uneasy financial climate Cassette is always prepared to take risks, working with and investing in, more alternative artists and activities that they feel compelled to support.

From their green recycling program, the current construction of a new blog ‘Throw Shapes’, highlighting Auckland’s across the board cultural events, to opening up part of their office space as a studio to a young but talented fashion student. Cassette has an all encompassing and holistic approach towards supporting and promoting cultural activities within its local community.

After several successful but sporadic art shows within the foyer space, Cassette is most excited to have found a highly motivated and discerning young curator in Erin Forsyth.  The venue now looks forward to working with Erin on a permanent basis, offering a regular monthly show that highlights young and upcoming artists within Auckland.  Under the header of See Saw, Cassette launched the first of these exhibitions on October 16th featuring a selection of new illustration and sculptural works by Imogen Taylor.

Check out their website: nz.throwshapes.com

Poets at Rannoch

Screwed On Creative presents
Poets at Rannoch
Wine and Nibbles
Thursday, 8th October
7:30 pm
Tickets $15 all inclusive

 Wallace Art Galleries
77 Almorah Road
including poets:
Gail Romano
Kirsten Warner
Callum Stembridge
Adam Fresco
Sabrina Muck
Melisa Martin

RSVP to screwedoncreative@gmail.com OR contact Jordan Mooney on 021 203 5557
by Monday, 5th October 2009